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Jan 16th - We are checking out of Mimo´s right now. Steve is handling that while I am here. It has been a great stay here.

Yesterday we got up, went back to Manuel Antonio National Park and hiked out to a lookout (Cathedral Trl). It was slippery and muddy all the way up and down. We ran into a couple from Chicago who didn't have a camera - I'd email them photos. We were soaked with mud and sweat and we took a dip in the ocean upon arriving at the little alcove. That's the cool thing about this place. You can rest by cooling off every now and then. It was back to the trail.....and we hiked to a pristine waterfall and put our feet in.
There was no one around (well 2 girls took our photo when we got there and then left).

It is hard to get to so I don´t think many people go back there. At one point, we weren't sure where the trail even was, until we saw muddy footprints later on, which confirmed we were going the right way. We crossed a few rivers and I had hiking boots on since my Tevas were hurting my feet. So I'd take off my shoes and socks and walk across and then put them back on. At no point during the day were we dry! Steve helped me across a couple times so I wouldn't have to go through the shoe ritual again. The hike was nice and we were surprised because we knew this was a popular park, yet saw not one person on our way to the waterfall! It was well worth the trek. It really was beautiful and we were in the rain forest which created beautiful scenery and interesting sounds.
We made our way back out and took yet another dip in the ocean. It´s so clean and pristine here.....we never did actually dry off yesterday! In the afternoon, we went back to Mimo's and had pasta dishes by the pool, with mango refrescos (of course!). Being in Manuel Antonio has been an excellent experience.

At night we took a reptiles and amphibians tour at a rain forest reserve (Rainmaker) 30 minutes from here. That was freaky, because there were huge tarantulas and poisonous snakes......argh! We went just the two of us with headlamps and a guide of course.....a guy from the DC area, actually. We had to sign a release before going in. I was a little apprehensive about the fer de lance snake! The naturalist guide didn't appear to have anything with him besides a headlamp. I wondered if he had any anti-venom, but didn't ask, because it didn't appear so. So we carefully trodded through the forest at night and spied a number of cool things, among them, secedas morphing - and we saw them in every stage. We also saw a ton of tiny frogs and bigger frogs, like the tree frog that Costa Rica is famous for. He said that you'll rarely see one during the day time, so I guess most visitors don't see them (unless they go to some crappy zoo, I guess)? I only want to see animals in their natural habitats, instead of ripped from their habitats and caged up, so that's why I am willing to go to these lengths to see them. of_50_590_393134.jpg We also saw a small snake in the process of eating a smaller reptile. Steve particularly liked that. In fact, he was the one who spotted it. He saw the ill-fated reptile sticking out of the leaves and on further inspection, you could see it was in the snake's mouth and then you could see the rest of the small snake's beautiful, scaly body. The sounds in the rain forest at night are quite loud. There is a lot going on in there after dark, among the secedas and the many insect and amphibian species. After our hike, we drove back to Mimo's in Manuel Antonio and then went back to El Avion for a snack. We were tired, but hungry.

So we´re alive and well this morning and heading back to San Jose, but not before making a few stops. I think we´re taking it easy today and no hard hiking. Although we will be checking out another water fall....apparently the tallest in the country! We won´t be hiking to get to that one. If we have time there a few sights closer to the B&B we are staying at. We´ll check in with everyone tomorrow night.

Thanks for keeping up with us. We have some awesome pictures to share. Missing the girls, too!!! Bye!

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Hi Kit, Glad to hear from you--we were wondering how things are going. (Dad was starting to worry, although he probably won't admit it!) All sounds wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Love you both, Mama

by Mom-Dad

Hi Steve and Dana:We will certainly be happy when you are back in NJ--too many remote areas in your travels this time. So glad you have stayed safe. Have been anxious about your rides and scary creepy stuff in the forest. We have always checked for your latest update to know where you are but then we WORRY!! Fly safe home to everyone and the girls. Love, Aunt Kay and Uncle John

by Kay Hart

Hi Steve & Dana: Dana you are one brave woman. At night in the rain forest. We are glad you are safe. I think you should have been very apprehensive because the fer de lance snake is one of the worst in the world.Your mom and I just got a lot more gray hairs over this. We love these adventures especially with the waterfalls and especially from the safety of our home, but we do worry about you both being in a strange country so far away. It does sound so beautiful and exciting. We love you and can't wait till you are home safe. Love Mom & Dad

by Suemurrell

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